Fun Facts about Me

Yes, I’m behind. Have a filler post filled with awesome links.

1. I’m a vegetarian. We can get into the ethics another time. More importantly, here are my favorite recipes:

- Ratatouille: This is amazing. I’ve made it three or four times and is always delicious.
- French Onion Soup: For Cold weather
- Garlic Soup: Will put you right to sleep
- The best bread

no-knead bread

 - This is my favorite combination to put on top of pesto covered pasta.

2. I have ASMR. No, it’s not really proven, but I have no other way of explaining what happens to me when I hit these triggers:

- Having my hair played with
- Watching other people have their hair checked, as for lice.
- Watching or hearing descriptions of careful, thorough medical exams
- Careful fitting together of pieces or parts

3. I love Italian music (and yes, I speak Italian). Go listen to:

- Il Volo

 - Antonello Venditti (this song inspired the URL for my previous blog)
- Blu
- Claudio Balgioni
- Laura Pausini

This has been Post the Eighth of Blogathon
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One thought on “Fun Facts about Me

  1. Paul says:

    All of those foods. So good.

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