Because Real Men Wear Only the Things We Tell Them to

There is really no excuse for this. Funny Thinking of You Ecard: 'Wow, that guy in the skinny jeans looks super manly,' said no one ever.

It’s high-school level snobbery to no apparent purpose, except to shame men who are insufficiently manly. It’s snotty and superior on the basis of what? That you dress better? Wow, how impressive. You must be really manly to care so much about what someecards thinks of you.

And of course it’s snobbery that feeds into a whole slew of oppressive thought systems about how important it is that men be properly masculine, that they never slip the slightest bit into femininity. Because femininity is weak and bad. It’s a perfect example of how sexism hurts men, too. This image is basically society, if society were reimagined as the worst high school ever, where the gossipy girls depicted are the media and all men who aren’t sufficiently masculine are the nerds. Some men wear skinny jeans. Some men like skinny jeans. Some men, and some women, and some people, think skinny jeans are attractive, and some think they’re plenty manly. So could everyone fuck off, stop pointlessly shaming people, and find something else to do with their time?

This has been Post the Seventeenth of Blogathon

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