Fun Facts about Me

Yes, I’m behind. Have a filler post filled with awesome links.

1. I’m a vegetarian. We can get into the ethics another time. More importantly, here are my favorite recipes:

Ratatouille: This is amazing. I’ve made it three or four times and is always delicious.
French Onion Soup: For Cold weather
Garlic Soup: Will put you right to sleep
The best bread

no-knead bread

 – This is my favorite combination to put on top of pesto covered pasta.

2. I have ASMR. No, it’s not really proven, but I have no other way of explaining what happens to me when I hit these triggers:

– Having my hair played with
– Watching other people have their hair checked, as for lice.
– Watching or hearing descriptions of careful, thorough medical exams
– Careful fitting together of pieces or parts

3. I love Italian music (and yes, I speak Italian). Go listen to:

Il Volo

 – Antonello Venditti (this song inspired the URL for my previous blog)
Claudio Balgioni
Laura Pausini

This has been Post the Eighth of Blogathon

One thought on “Fun Facts about Me

  1. Paul says:

    All of those foods. So good.

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