Wrap-Up: Honoring Things that Are Way More Difficult From the Inside

When I took a break earlier today, Jay suggested that when I come back I write a post about “the inside vs. the outside view of how difficult things are?  Like, say, writingblog posts? 🙂

It’s certainly true that “easy reading is damn hard writing” but I’ve really enjoyed writing all of this, working at writing short, fun pieces and getting to interact with all of you who commented or lurked. For my final piece (yes I’m doing 20 posts instead of 25), I’m going to show three videos of things that we consume in just minutes but no doubt took hours. Let it remind all of us to appreciate those things that other humans put so much effort into for our joy and amusement. It’s been quite a ride!

For reference, here are all the posts I wrote for Blogathon:
The Beginning: In which I list my goals and what I’m willing to do to achieve them.
Maybe you aren’t actually an atheist? And other stories: In which I relate stories of being accused of being secretly religious.
Nuance: It’s What’s for Dinner: In which I discuss when nuance is more and less useful in personal and professional interactions.
Why the UChicago SA is awesome: Dropping eggs off of Rockefeller Chapel: In which the University of Chicago Secular Alliance is indeed awesome.
Are liberal, queer-loving, feminist religious people our allies?: In which I define ‘allies’ in five different ways and then get to answering the question.
Religious Atheism: The Great Contradiction: Part 1: In which I discuss the word ‘religious’ and why I think it applies to me.
Religious Atheism: The Great Contradiction: What I get out of it: In which I talk about why I like religion, or at least my religious practice.
Fun Facts about Me: In which I talk about myself and have a lot of fun links.
Is there an Is/Ought Distinction?: In which I say “no.”
Could Reparative Therapy be a Choice to Protect?: In which I try to grapple with individual choice and social oppression.
Puppies! We found one at the cafe: In which puppies are cute.
Teleportation or Death?: In which we become multiple people and then possibly kill ourselves.
The Prisoner’s Dilemma: In which you are kidnapped and then asked to do game theory.
What is reductionism?: In which I am very snarky about philosophy.
Depictions of Love: Call Me Maybe: In which “Call Me Maybe”‘s music video is somewhat revolutionary.
Love as Understood through Image/Text Combinations on Pinterest: In which I try to analyze Pinterest’s view of love.
Polyamory: I made a video!: In which I yammer at a camera about dating multiple people.
Because Real Men Wear Only the Things We Tell Them to: In which masculinity is policed and femininity is degraded.
Why I Don’t Care About Authorial Intent: In which readers own the books they read.
Aren’t Muffins Just Cupcakes Without Frosting? Blogathon, the Food Science Edition: In which fat and flour ratios are very important.

Thanks for reading!

Look out for posts by me and here and on the Friendly Atheist. Since I still owe you all five posts, I’ll take suggestions here that I’ll try to do in the next couple of weeks, and they don’t have to be secular/atheistic/rationalist.

Thanks so much for supporting the SSA!

This has been Post the Twentieth for Blogathon


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  1. daniel messinger says:

    Papa Americano!

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