[Blogathon] Brain Crack

Brain Crack is the stuff in the back of your mind that you wish you could bring into existence that you hold onto, hoping and hoping to write about it or create it. But it’s better to let it out, to let other people see it and add to it and make it better, and maybe one of them will make it happen. Here’s some brain crack I have lying around:

  • When children are old enough, they should run part of the classes they’re in. It forces them to do research, prepare work, be accountable to their peers and work on something that has literal, immediate real world applicability. It cultivates confidence and social skills, and also lets them be creative about the kind of class they would want to see and want to be in. It would certainly give the teacher something to think about. Might take too much time out of class, but maybe it could be extra credit?
  • Everyone with a social security number should be automatically registered to vote when they turn 18. They can just show up at the polling place on election day and vote.
  • Open a restaurant with one table. Everything on the table is for everyone, so if you’re full, you just leave what’s left over for the next person. People who can’t pay can just sit at the table and wait for people to order (there would be some kind of maximum occupancy). People who can might need to buy some more.
  • Every church, mosque, synagogue and other house of worship should have an area where homeless people can sleep. It can be separate from the main area, but just somewhere warm so people don’t have to sleep in the cold. (I can think of a lot of problems with this one, actually).
  • What if instead of fixed distances between two points there were fixed times between two points? So if you walk faster, you would be walking a shorter longer distance. What would that look like? Is that even meaningful?
  • I’ve been thinking about movies that play with atheist = bad, religious = good dynamic but also the liberal = good, religious right = evil dynamic. What would that look like? The good guys are super intense religious people but still good, and then bad people are atheists somehow? Not sure. Would love thoughts.

I’m not defending these ideas to the death, or even at all. I’m sure many of them are morally ridiculous or economically unfeasible. They’re just ideas. But I’d love to hear thoughts on them!

And that’s the end of blogathon! Thanks everyone for the favorites and retweets and comments! Until next time!

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8 thoughts on “[Blogathon] Brain Crack

  1. Jay Feldman says:

    “So if you walk faster, you would be walking a shorter distance. What would that look like? Is that even meaningful?”

    That’s kind of the idea behind length contraction in special relativity. So, it would look exactly like the world is now.


    (Technically, it’s not fixed time it’s fixed velocity.)

    • Chana says:

      Eep! I meant the opposite. If you walk faster, you walk a longer distance, since you’re going faster but it will take you the same amount of time to get there.

  2. TooManyJens says:

    Your third one reminds me of that episode of Dharma & Greg where Dharma opens a store that doesn’t sell anything, and it ends up full of people who just like to hang out there and trade stuff among themselves. I always thought that episode was sweet.

  3. Craig Morgan says:

    Regarding your last bullet: It reminds me of a science fiction book I read a while back. Robert Sawyer’s Calculating God. It reverses the usual SF roles played between the ‘backward’ humans and the ‘advanced’ aliens. In this, the advanced aliens are theists, and they must deal with the primitive human non-believers.

  4. smidoz says:

    Sorry, I’ve been snowed under with work, I’m just catching up on my reading and saw this post.

    On your last point about movies, watch Straw Dogs. The small town fundamentalist Christians are portrayed as a terrible crowd, but I’m still not sure what the filmakers intention behind the atheist filmaker was. If they planned on portraying him as a really nice person (the kind of unrealistic movie hero you normally find) they failed, but he definitely comes across as having more empathy towards others than his Christian counterparts. There are moments when he seems to be a bit misogynistic, and I’m not sure I like his, “I did it” victory cry at the end, since he had help.

    I’ve deliberately left out the story, so give it a look and see if it’s what you were getting at.

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